Top 5 wedding dresses trend

The current trend of wedding dresses really diversified. One can have traditionally wedding dresses yet still look fashionable and elegant on it. So what are the styles of wedding dresses that make into top 5?

1)  Ballgown style wedding dresses

For those who dream of a fairy tale wedding, these type of wedding gowns suits you the most. The ball gown is most appropriate for large, traditional weddings where the dress will be consistent with the formality of the event. This type of wedding dress also can disguise our thighs if you don’t wish to show them yet they can squeeze your upper side to the shape you desire giving you fabulous cleavage.A ball gown type of wedding dresses

2)  Sexy Silhouettes wedding dresses

Congratulation to those ladies who has a fabulous killing hot body. Silhouette refers to the shape of the dress. This sexy silhouette is suited to brides who like to show off their curvy shape which should be proud of. And of course brave enough for the body-fitting dress that closely follows the line of the body. sexy and daring upfront wedding dresses

3)  Tea-length wedding dresses

Some brides might opt for a tea-length (below knee) wedding gown instead of a traditional floor length wedding dresses. These types of dresses usually suitable for an outdoor wedding or a casual, simple yet fun wedding. Such as beach wedding. It can be presentable as well if you have a pair of beautiful legs or a pair of knock-out shoes.

cute and functional tea-length wedding gowns

4)  Fifties style wedding dresses

Wedding designers at 50s’, still conservative at heart, adapted this strapless silhouette by covering the bride’s shoulders modestly with an opaque bodice or removable sheer lace jacket, so that the shoulders were covered appropriately for a solemn church ceremony. These are the essence that evolves into today’s wedding dresses industry.

oldies wedding dresses with modern element

5)  Color diversified wedding dresses

White is no longer the only possible color for the wedding dress. People tend to have more cheerful, unique and characterized color for their wedding dresses. There are plenty of various tints you may choose for your gown: red, ivory pink, blue, black, violet, etc. All depends on your taste and preferences which best show your character.

colorful brightness varies wedding dresses