Vera Wang Wedding Dress

Vera Wang full name is Vera Ellen Wang. Although her name sounds like Chinese, she was born and raise in New York, America.

Born in the year 1949, she already age 64 this year but she is still actively involve in the wedding designing fashion stage.

Most of her works and state of art are for exhibitions and competition. She only began her designing career in year 1990, when she first opened her designing salon in New York and start her trademark bridal gown and wedding dress.

vera wang wedding dress

Vera Wang wedding dress for the famous

Vera Wang wedding dress has been features with many artist and famous person like Victoria Beckham, Maria Carey, Avril Lavigne and even the wife of the United States President, Michelle Obama for her evening gown.

Her wedding dress mostly are design for competition and not average person that can afford it. I know I can’t.

Anyway, there are still many duplicates and copies of her work. They remade the piece of wedding dress that feature on runway and sold it on the market so that more people who like Vera Wang’s work can get a hand on it. Of course those wedding dresses are in a way more affordable.

vera wang wedding dress 1

I personally like her work very much because of the simplicity and elegance that shows on every piece of her dress. Whether that is a bridal gown, evening dress or two-piece uniform that worn by Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader.

It just simply astonishing and breath taking.