Mysterious myth and facts around the Wedding dresses

This is a short post regarding some facts and myths around the wedding dresses which I found is amusing. I had no idea whether is true or false; all the info provided is just for referral and to kill some of your time.

queen victoris married to albert on 1854

Some have said that you can only wear a white wedding dress for your first wedding. For me, is just kills off all the choices of color you can get out there nowadays, red, violet, ivory. All are my favorite’s color which makes the perfect choice of wedding dresses on your wedding. In fact, the white color did not become a popular until 1840, after the marriage of Queen Victoria.

Victoria was from 20 June 1837 the Queen regnant of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and from 1 May 1876 the first Empress of India of the British Raj until her death to Albert of Saxe-Coburg.

A lot of people assumed that the color white was to symbolize virginity, innocence and purity, though this is not entirely correct and had not been the original intention in the first place. In fact it was the color blue that was connected to purity. White dresses never did signify purity until the Christian churches put that label on them.

I wonder why angels always dress in white?

an angel wearing a white dress

Some even said you can’t wear a Blusher veil or a long train on your second time of wedding. Anyway, I would not care less because nowadays everyone is going for simplicity and easy wearing. The veil or long train makes extra impression point and sweats in the summer may be for you if you do wear them.

a bride wearing a blusher veil in her wedding

The conclusion is the wedding dress or a wedding gown is just clothing worn during a wedding ceremony. The important point is you are having a happy marriage. Be free on yourselves and live happily ever after like the one in the Disney story.

Be glad of who you are and what you are wearing.

a happy bride having her dream wedding in her selection of wedding dresses