Looking good in sleeveless wedding dresses


One has to work hard and smart to get what they want. There are no magic wand provided for you to look nice or brilliant on your off shoulder or strapless wedding dresses.

What I can provide here are just some tricks and tips for you to improve on your physical condition and may be applying some illusion diversion to draw attention from particular parts of your body. Few important point that I want to highlight here are:


1)    Choose appropriate Lingerie for your strapless wedding dresses.

2)     Exercise regularly especially on your arms.

3)    Get a sun tanned color of skin.

4)    Gets an eye catching jewelry.

5)    Know your off shoulder limit range of motion


Eventually, you will not be wearing conventional bra for your off shoulder wedding dresses. But it will mostly depend on the type of strapless wedding dresses you having in mind. For instance, if the dress has a high back then a simple strapless bra will do the trick. If the dress has a low cut back, then you will have to go for strapless, backless bustier for support. Or you can have your bra build into the wedding dresses in the form of soft cups.

Or you can wear nothing at all, which is not a good option for sure!


For the next few months before your wedding take place, remember to exercise regularly and consistently. Three or five pound of dumb bell would do the job, thirty minutes a session and three or four session per week will be perfect and save the trouble to attend a gym class.



Gets a sun tanning to your skin. Start as soon as possible when whenever. Sun tanning purpose is to remove those unsightly tan line across your shoulder to apply a more evenly color tone on your skin that will give a nice glow to set off your white wedding strapless dresses. Do not apply the toner straight away. Always shower first, exfoliate then apply body lotion to protect the foundation of your skin. Give enough time for the body lotion to completely absorb into the skin then only you start applying the toner.

There are different toners for facial as the facial skin structure is different from body skin. Find all the related body and facial product here.



Jewelry is considering an add-on as I am concern. It can act as a touch up to an already beautiful bride to look more charming or it can be use to diverse the attention of others towards your necklace or jewelry mostly to disguise the pear-shaped body of a bride. Wearing with confidence is what matter the most for me whether with or without the thousand dollar jewelry.

One must keep in mind that a truly fitted off shoulder dress is that one’s cannot raise her arm fully. So with that fundamental in mind, there always limitation towards movement with strapless wedding dresses especially doing dancing.  Keep in mind and you will have avoided those embarrassment moment.

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  1. Victoriaon 21 Dec 2009 at 12:18 pm

    A little tan makes a big difference on looking and feeling good on your wedding day. Not only will you look good from laying in a tanning bed, but those 20 minutes of laying in the bed will be great to relax and de-stress from all of your wedding planning. But if you don’t have the time to build a tan, VersaSpa is a great alternative. It’s a sunless tanning spray booth and the sessions only take 45 seconds, and the color is great!

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