Color your wedding dress in trendy style

As I already posted in my top 5 trend of wedding dresses. Color wedding dresses are one of the top 5 listed because it is different and cheerful most of the time.

This post will cover more in details regarding the color type of wedding dresses. Nowadays, there is more variety for the brides to choose from for the color of their wedding dresses and not just restricted to white or the ivory. To be honest, we all live in the shadow of someone, just like the selection of wedding dresses. The first thing that comes into the mind would be the white color wedding dresses. This is not wrong but shouldn’t we have given ourselves the choices and options?

What are the favorite’s colored wedding dresses besides white that will make for the wedding gowns? I shall pick three categories on this as:-

1)      Deep red

2)      Pastel shades

3)      Daring black


Deep red wedding dress

The red color has been the festive color for the Chinese society for decades long before we know. In fact, our society is mix around and are adapting this new mixture of culture that we so called fusion. So, it is a norm if we can see blonde brides wearing a deep red color of wedding dresses which look pretty good in it. This is because this color is so lively and aggressive and matches the color of the blonde very much which is contradicts to the fair skin of us.

deep red color of wedding dresses


Pastel Shades wedding dress

Color that fall into this category are mint green, baby blue, lavender and etc which can be consider as soft color. Choosing this kind of color seems making more sense as it is not so drastic and is more close to the color of the traditional white or cream color. They do not want to look bold but not too daring to make the difference. I personally feel the color lavender is very romantic.

pastel shades color of wedding dresses


Daring black wedding dress

I am not personally favor over this color but I cannot deny that this black color make an elegant wedding gown. The color black is full of mysterious and confidence that I think not everyone is able to carry this color. But for those who are confident enough to carry this black color wedding dress for their wedding ceremony, she can be the most outstanding and elegant bride out there. It would be perfect if you have a diamond necklace sets to pair with your elegant black wedding dresses, it will be the perfect combination.

daring black color of wedding dresses



Tips on Choosing Colored Wedding Dress

  • Choose a color that you favor and suit you more importantly. It is not enough that you choose your favorite color. You should also choose something that will look flattering on you and goes well with your skin complexion. For instance if you have yellowish skin tone, it would not be advisable to wear a yellow wedding gown.
  • Pick a shade that will go well with the wedding theme if you have one. Keep in mind that the color preference should not clash with the theme and overall look of the wedding.
  • Show your character and personality through color selection of wedding dress. Your choice of color should be evocative of your own personal style and character. If you have gothic style, black would be a good choice for you. If you are a dreamer, pink is ideal.
  • Select hues that blend well with the season. Also a good way to pick a shade is to choose the colors of the season. For example, if you are getting married on autumn, fall colors such as champagne gold, red, and orange would be ideal. For winter, silver and other metallic shades would be a great option.

Do not feel obligated to wear a white wedding dress, if you don’t feel like. Color is an excellent way to stand out with your wedding gown. But just be careful when choosing a colored wedding gown. There are a lot of factors to be considered before you go for it that I would split into two which are internal and external. Internal would be your skin color, favorites color and etc. External are factors such as wedding theme, season, belief or religion.

After all, the white wedding dresses are not a norm until Queen Elizabeth. It might be someday in the future that color wedding dresses are the norm instead of white and become the mainstream of fashion in wedding dress industry.

Black-Wedding-Dress-to be mainstream