Wedding dress with sleeves

Wedding dress with sleeves,  a definite choice from the past time until present day. Women have always tried to make their wedding dress special, to suit the festive occasion and to be splendid to look at on their wedding day. It has always be the nature since.

Considering the present time with the current trend of wedding fashion. There are numerous of wedding dresses with short sleeves, spaghetti straps and those sleeveless are getting more popular.

We can always look at a different perspective, looking back at old time, doing things the unexpected way and to add a little sense of formality to your wedding day. Perhaps you will be wearing your mother, or grandmother’s, lacy old-fashioned wedding dress. I’m sure they will be very touched.

Modern & Classic wedding dresses with sleeves

People has evolve. So are the wedding dresses. The modern long sleeve wedding dress does not follow its ancient look from medieval eras which cover everything from top to toe anymore.

Nowadays, the long sleeves can easily imply with a highly ladylike and modest look regardless of the bodice and neckline cut. It can also effectively bring out the impression of elegant formality.

Get yourself a sleeve that made of a lighter mesh material and then pick an off the shoulder neckline, there you have a portrait neckline or a low v-neck cut showing your fabulous cleavage.

Pretty stunning effects!

wedding dress with sleeves in cleavage

On the other hand, if you are more conservative and a traditional girl, wearing a conservative gown can be a way to ensure that you are comfortable on your special day.

A general rule is, if you aren’t comfortable showing cleavage when you go out on a Saturday night, then you probably won’t want to on your wedding day, either!

An elegant, wedding dresses with sleeves is the perfect gown if you don’t want to feel self-conscious on your wedding day, and you want your dress to be a just little more modest.

Wedding dresses with sleeves-long & short

Wedding dresses with sleeves can be separated into two categories which are long sleeve and short sleeve.

Long sleeve wedding dresses basically cover: Poet sleeve, Bell sleeve, illusion sleeve, Juliet sleeve, Balloon sleeve and Three quarter sleeve.

While the short sleeve wedding dresses cover the Petal sleeve, Cap sleeve and the T-shirt sleeve which is quite popular nowadays.

wedding dresses with sleeves-shortwedding dress with sleeves-long

Winter time marriage

Considering if you are getting married in winter time, a wedding dress with sleeves would be on top of your list. This dramatic look is done best with lace, crushed velvet, or satin. Sleeves should be fitted but not too snug. When it’s cold outside, you’ll be warm and comfortable. Consider pairing your sleeves wedding dress with a pair of formal gloves and you are well prepared bride on a snowy wedding day.

wedding dresses with sleeves-winter time

Summer time marriage

Though many expect a sleeveless wedding dress, or even a skimpy, wedding dress for a beach wedding. Wearing a wedding dress with sleeves is a fabulous  and unusual alternative. You will be the picture of elegance; demure and romantic in long, lacy sleeves. How unexpected.

If you are having a beach wedding at a cooler time of year, wearing a dress that has a little more fabric to it will help ensure that you comfortable.

wedding dresses with sleeves-summer time

Tips and nips

A big no for girl who are small in stature or petite cutie type, long sleeves just aren’t suitable for you. You will look out of proportion with a long sleeve wedding dress. You should just consider having a sleeveless gown if you have beautiful, well-toned arms and a beautiful hour glass figure.

If you have a square body, go for a bigger sleeve like balloon or Juliet. Also, the sleeves do not necessarily have to be of the same material as of the dress. Tulle, lace or illusion netting is some of the fabric material which can be used as sleeves.

Out of the box

I personally like this type of wedding dresses with sleeves very much. It has the vintage smell but also with a sense of modern elegant style.

wedding dresses with sleeves-vintage