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Sexy Beach Wedding Dresses

Planning for a different and easy casual wedding?

Is it appropriate, is it money saving? Well, it all depend how big or glamour  the occasion you want it to be.

Personally, I would like it to be easy and simple. A few close friend and relative to witness my wedding ceremony, beautifully decorate setup, aisle fill up with red roses and wearing my stunning sexy beach wedding dresses.

All of this fantasy and imagination will become reality, in fact nowadays, there are wedding planner who offer this kind of arrangement and services. Just a call and some meet up, and your dream is on the way. Sound as easy but i am pretty sure you still will be worry and nervous. I will skip that part as i am not the bride but will certainly make sure you look stunningly amazing in your sexy beach wedding dress by giving you some opinion and idea here.


Ivory White Sexy Beach Wedding Dresses

Sexy not necessary equal to nudity or exposure. In my opinion, it is much more towards the looks or how you can carry your dress, stressing out your curve and make your more feminine.  A simple beach wedding dresses can be as sexy and hot if it suits your style, with the correct make-up, accessories and confident, i am sure you can make the dress looks like an expensive piece of gown.

sexy beach wedding dresses-ivory white


But why must it be white or ivory?

That is just my preference, and I believe most of us will still pick white or ivory over other colors.

White or ivory is the simplest yet elegant color and can go easy with your make-up and accessories. Remember that your wedding scene is at the beach side, so make sure your hair-do is appropriate. You do not want your hair looks messy during the ceremony.

High heels is a skip for me as well, bare foot just nice and is a perfect choice for me. That is why I will pick a sexy beach wedding dresses that can cover up my foot. Comfortably walk along the decorated aisle with confident and enjoy the moment will be my priority over any pretty or expensive high heel.

sexy beach wedding dresses-A line

The above picture just illustrate a simple and elegant piece of beach wedding dress that looks sexy to me. I will marry her straight away 🙂