Tea-length wedding dresses

A new rebelling wedding dresses for brides are coming up “short” compared to those long and luscious looks;

Yup, and they are called Tea-length wedding dresses.

Those sultry, tea-length styles have made their way into the wedding gown scene, and they are hot, energetic, exciting and young. Whether you are getting married on a beach in flip flops or in a cathedral in Italy, the new wedding dresses in this tea-length style are sexy and varied enough to suit your unique personal style and taste.

A plain white tea-length wedding dress could be a bit boring to your special day. But there is a high flexibility towards this kind of wedding gown, you can modify according to your creativity to make dress stand out. There are a lot of things that you can do to the tea-length wedding dresses which can also be seen as having a good sense of fashion and personality.

tea-length wedding dress

A true tea-length dress should hit near the bottom of the calf. That is, about 4 inches above the ankle.

However, if you try to purchase a formal tea-length dress, most stores will either show you a cocktail dress, which may be at or slightly above the knee, or a intermission length dress, which falls between the knee and mid calf area, instead of a true tea-length dress.

Anyhow, that shouldn’t be the matter if you like the dress.

Normally this dress looks allot less formal then a traditional wedding dress. Tea length wedding dresses are normally cut shorter and can be made of silk, lace, tulle, cotton, organza or taffeta.

Tea-length wedding dresses are especially appropriate for an outdoor spring or summer wedding. It doesn’t really matter if your wedding set are in a garden, on a mountain, or on the beach. It’s because the design of the dresses itself, it helps to make the wedding  fun and elegant at the same time.

In addition to that, a tea-length wedding dress that made with a soft material reflects the fluidity of nature and adds a romantic touch to the wedding.

tea-length wedding dresses

Let’s not forget about the shoes

One of the crucial part that most people tend to forget are their wedding shoes. If they are to pick a tea length wedding gown on their big day. These can be pretty headache part for you and might have to spend many a lot of effort on picking the perfect pair of shoes.

Since most of the tea length wedding dress can be found in multiple of colors, this also allows for a wider option of shoes and other accessories that you can think of.

tea length wedding dress match with a pair of nice shoe

What’s new in Tea length wedding dress

Floral pattern of the tea-length wedding dresses is new!

It is as attractive as it will spice up your plain wedding dress. It add up sense of visual enjoyment and uniqueness toward your plain ordinary tea-length wedding gown.

new floral pattern tea-length wedding dresses


Out of the box

riding trishaw with tea length wedding gown

You can even hop on to a trishaw and run away with your man. Just kidding, but you can try out this as replacement for your transportation. I’m sure you will be the center of attraction when moving to the church/chapel. Who knows you might hit the front page of the local newspaper. It will be a sweet memory for both of you.

Tea-Length type of wedding is usually being consider as a budget wedding as it seems less glamour. But from my point of view, that’s not so important as long as you have your Loved one together. A budget wedding can be as sweet and memorable as well.